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The Dave & Buster's Alcohol Problem   
There Is A Reason Dave & Buster's Is So Violent: They Get Their Guests Totally Drunk!

Recently in our article The Top 13 Ways Dave & Buster's Harass Their Staff we documented how many Dave & Buster's locations have become extremely dangerous but until now we never explained why so many violent incidents have been occurring at Dave & Buster's.

The truth is many Dave & Buster's locations have become extremely dangerous because they constantly and knowingly over serve their guests alcohol. This is well documented and Dave & Buster's has been punished numerous times for violating laws pertaining to the serving of alcoholic beverages.

Dave & Buster's has had their liquor licenses suspended on numerous occasions. The license was suspended at Dave & Buster's Ontario for 25 days in 2008. The license was suspended at Dave & Buster's Milipitas for 10 days in 2010. The license was also suspended at Dave & Buster's Maple Grove in 2011 for selling alcohol to a minor in an undercover sting. 

At Dave & Buster's Hawaii they were fined $2,000 for selling to a minor. Dave & Buster's was recently busted in an undercover sting selling alcohol to a minor at their Marietta location. Dave & Buster's was even prohibited from opening a proposed location in Burlington due to concerns raised over the possibiliites of under age drinking taking place.

Dave & Buster's has flashy drinks like the Coronarita. They also have jello shots they serve out of a syringe. Dave & Buster's even stocks their winner's circle with a lot of alcohol themed prizes, like shot glasses.

Dave & Buster's doesn't even have pitchers of beer. Instead, they have a giant beer tower. The beer tower has to be purchased by four people. But, the tower is left for the guests to do with as they please. So, one guest could just consume 75% of it if they wanted to.

A large part of Dave & Buster's money is acquired by getting customers drunk so they can rip them off by playing their broken games. It is an absolute fact that the games at Dave & Buster's are habitually broken. They have been broken for a very long time. The games are broken at Dave & Buster's locations nationwide. Dave & Buster's will even break the games on purpose. Dave & Buster's rarely fixes games, unless it is absolutely necessary.

There are pretty much only two reasons Dave & Buster's will fix a game. The first reason is: if a player, that has enough clout, keeps complaining about a particular game being broken Dave & Buster's may, possibly, fix that game. The second reason is: if a game breaks so badly that Dave & Buster's cannot leave it powered on, they will almost always fix that game to get it back in a state that makes it playable enough to be powered on, because powered off games bring in no revenue. Other than what we just mentioned, Dave & Buster's rarely fixes their games, because broken games are almost always more lucrative to them.

Understand that Dave & Buster's has very little gaming regulations and allow their facilities to get extremely run down. Many of the games are often habitually broken and Dave & Buster's intentionally allows that to happen to make more money. That is why Dave & Buster's wants their guests drunk. Drunk guests usually have low standards and spend more money playing broken games, whereas sober customers often get upset about the games being broken. Drunk guests obviously spend more money on alcohol as well.

We have basically broken down the Dave & Buster's players into three distinct factions. First, there are the little kids and fish that don't know any better than to waste their money playing broken games. Second, there are the regular players who are extremely disgruntled about having to constantly play broken games and get ripped off. Third, there are the drunk customers who break the games and go to Dave & Buster's just to get drunk and start trouble.

Dave & Buster's entire company is based around alcohol. They even have a game service switch on some of their games. That switch allows the heavy drinkers to order more drinks without even having to get up from their seats. The game service switch also gives Dave & Buster's a very vegas feel and encourages repeated plays. But, there is one big difference between Dave & Buster's and a Vegas casino. At Dave & Buster's there are a bunch of little kids running around.

Under age drinking is a huge problem at Dave & Buster's. At casinos minors are prohibited from being on the game floor at all times. Imagine if casinos let children tag along with their parents. It just wouldn't work, because that atmosphere is just too much for children to handle in a responsible manner.

However, children walk around Dave & Buster's all the time unaccompanied by an adult. Little kids steal tickets constantly. Who is to say they cannot just pick up an abandoned half-drunk glass of beer and chug it down?

Minors can also just camp out in front of Dave & Buster's and ask an older person to walk in with them, acting like that person is their guardian. In these instances, once they get inside the "guardian" just goes off on their way.

They also have multiple entrances at some Dave & Buster's locations. So, under age guests could just sneak in the rear entrance to get in, because while the rear entrance is often locked it is usually left unguarded. All they would have to do is wait until someone opens the door to exit and then sneak in. At that point they could just ask an adult to buy them alcohol or use a fake ID at the bar.

There is both a midway bar and a sports bar at most Dave & Buster's locations. So, if an under age guest strikes out at one bar they can just go to another one to try again. Dave & Buster's often staffs a lot of bartenders and may rotate those bartenders constantly, giving under age drinkers a multitude of opportunities to purchase alcohol. 

In most states it is illegal for children to walk around a bar unsupervised. But, at Dave & Buster's rules are meant to be broken. At Dave & Buster's it is virtually impossible to enforce many of their own policies. So, minors can often just come in before the driver's license scanners are used, the security checkpoints are set up, and the security personnel establish a perimeter. Once they are inside, they can pretty much go where ever they want to go.

The whole premise behind Dave & Buster's leads to the high probability of minors consuming alcohol. That is because Dave & Buster's midway staff pretty much just let kids run around and do whatever they want to do. Dave & Buster's might have an official policy that states that parents are supposed to accompany their children.  But, that policy is rarely enforced, unless those children are acting in an extremely obnoxious manner that is readily apparent. There simply are not enough Dave & Buster's staff members to babysit each and every minor and child on the premises.

The basic unofficial rule of thumb at Dave & Buster's is that once kids get through the front door and past the initial security check point they pretty much have carte blanch to roam the premises. Dave & Buster's basically places parents in charge of their kids but parents often just let their kids loose and plop themselves down at the bar.

Unsupervised children will constantly manhandle and break the games, due to the fact that parents rarely watch their kids closely, and that is just one of the many reasons that a lot of the games are extremely broken at Dave & Buster's.

Considering that Dave & Buster's is often severely understaffed, staff usually have enough to worry about already and know that if they turn into a kindergarden cop and don't attend to their duties they will probably get berated by their managers. So, staff often have little to no incentive to stop children from doing whatever they please. The only time staff will typically intervene is when an issue emerges involving a child severely misbehaving or getting lost. For instance, if a child was crying and looking for their mother staff may intervene. But, other than that, it is pretty much a free for all.

Dave & Buster's is also dimly lit, with many nooks and crannies. That allows under age guests to hide in the shadows. If staff catch them, what are they really going to do anyway? Security guards are very reluctant to place their hands on a minor in most circumstances, due to legal reasons,  and they are often more focused on breaking up fights and performing pat downs at the front door anyway.

Underage drinking is only a part of the problem at Dave & Buster's. The adult clientelle is often over served and allowed to get totally out of control. One of the major factors in all of this is the Dave & Buster's late night happy hour, wherein guests often go to Dave & Buster's just to get totally wasted. There are often fights, puking, and drunken confrontations.

We read countless stories of female guests stating that they were scared off of going to Dave & Buster's because of the unruly male clientelle. The Dave & Buster's core demographic is typically male and at many locations single women are often scarce.

Dave & Buster's bartenders are often horribly trained and over pouring is extremely common, with bartenders often playing favoritism. Dave & Buster's bartenders often serve watered down drinks to compensate and in the end it all balances out numerically.

At a bar it is often hard to tell how intoxicated someone is just by looking at them. It is also very hard to tell how many drinks a guest had if they keep using different bartenders. At one Dave & Buster's location they were reported to have a rotating assortment of fifty bartenders and the training was apparently hideous.

You really can't blame people for coming to Dave & Buster's to get drunk. That's what drunk people do. It's Dave & Buster's fault for allowing it to happen and promoting a reckless culture of bacchanalian revelry. Dave & Buster's promotes excess and glamorizes the consumption of large amounts of alcohol. If you ever examine Dave & Buster's giant beer tower, we think that one product alone is a testament to Dave & Buster's reckless attitude towards alcohol.

Guests barfing all over the place is common at Dave & Buster's and the bathrooms are often full of puke. A guest defecated on the floor at Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh once. Another guest picked up a giant strongman game sledge hammer and used it to smash the air hockey table there too. One guest even slashed all the footballs in Two Minute Drill one time at that very same location. Sober people typically just don't do those sorts of things.

Staff themselves may even get trashed before going to work, as one Dave & Buster's staff member revealed. Another Dave & Buster's staff member revealed that managers at their location were high on cocaine due to excessive workload. Since staff at Dave & Buster's are usually promoted based on favoritism, and not merit, the people promoted are often not the best candidates for the job.

We also think the high volume of drunk customers explains why staff are so habitually rude towards customers. By Dave & Buster's encouraging excessive alcohol consumption, it creates rude guests that get unruly. That causes staff to get tired of dealing with the drunks and the staff often end up treating all the customers like they treat the drunks. It has gotten so bad that Dave & Buster's has practically started kicking out any guests who complain about anything whatsoever and have adopted somewhat of an if-you-don't-like-it-then-leave mentality.

Extremely long Wait times are a huge factor into why Dave & Buster's guests get so drunk and we have begun to suspect that Dave & Buster's intentionally has long wait times to keep their guest trapped at their locations and drinking longer, because if guests spend more time at Dave & Buster's they have more of an opportunity to get blasted and play broken games. At Dave & Buster's they have somehow found a way to turn a two hour evening of drinking and playing broken games into a five hour evening of getting totally blasted and playing broken games.

If guests go down to Dave & Buster's on a Saturday night and discover the wait time for a table will be an hour, what are they going to do? They are probably going to have a few drinks. But, often an hour turns into two hours, because there is an ongoing issue of staff lying to guests about the wait times. That causes guests to get agitated. It also traps the guests there because they have already made a temporal investment after waiting an hour and often feel compelled to wait it out. So, a guest might drink for an hour and then be told it will be another hour. At that point they often just drink some more. By the time they finally sit down to eat they may already be drunk.

The long wait times also factor into under age guests being present at Dave & Buster's late at night. If a family arrives at seven o'clock and it takes them two and a half hours to get seated but at ten o'clock children are prohibited, that is a situation that can make guests highly agitated, especially if they were initially told the wait time would be an hour. At that point, in the middle of dinner they would be forced to leave. In many instances, staff would feel bad for kicking them out because it was Dave & Buster's fault, being that most guests arriving at seven o'clock would expect to leave by ten. So, you cannot really blame guests in these instances and in these types of situations staff may be compelled to let them slide. However, guests are kicked out of Dave & Buster's all the time too. It really just depends upon if the managers are in a good mood or not.

In case Dave & Buster's didn't know this, if they get a bunch of people drunk and trap them at their facilities having to wait on a table for two hours, then rip them off playing broken games, then treat them in a rude and hostile manner, that is what leads to problems, because drunk people don't typically like getting ripped off and verbally abused.

Dave & Buster's has essentially created an extremely hosile env
ironment, an environment of their own design and construction. One woman even stormed out of a Dave & Buster's location without paying because the service was so terrible one time.

We also read a story regarding a man who traveled to Dave & Buster's to drink. Before he sat down he gave his credit card to the bartender in advance and planned on paying his tab when he was finished drinking. So, when it was time for the man to leave the bartender told the man that he accidentally lost his credit card. The man then called his credit card company to report the card stolen and discovered that there were two mysterious charges for ~$75 a piece charged to his account. So, the man, thinking that thieves used his credit card already, cancelled his credit card. A few minutes later Dave & Buster's staff approach him and informed him that they had his credit card all along and accidentally used it to pay for the orders of two other groups of people. At that point, the man had no credit card to pay with and was mistreated by rude Dave & Buster's staff.

Things like this happen at Dave & Buster's every single day and Dave & Buster's tries to blame their customers for everything that goes wrong. Often customers are asked to leave Dave & Buster's the moment they complain. Since guests at Dave & Buster's are often intoxicated it just leads to problems, especially when guests feel like they are being mistreated and taken advantage of.

If you examine the yelp reviews of Dave & Buster's locations you will see countless reports involving intoxicated guests causing problems at Dave & Buster's. There have been a multitude of fights between guests at Dave & Buster's locations. There was a shooting inside Dave & Buster's Arcadia in 2007. There was a murder inside Dave & Buster's Arcadia in 2010. A Dave & Buster's waitress was abducted and then later raped after leaving Dave & Buster's Ontario. Two children were stabbed at Dave & Buster's locations in two seperate incidents. A teenager was sexually assaulted in a video booth. There was a shootout outside of the Houston Dave & Buster's. There was a double homicide outside of Dave & Buster's Arundel Mills. A man was even beaten so bad at a Dave & Buster's location that he later died.

Fights at Dave & Buster's are also extremely common. We suspect the only reason that there are no giant Dave & Buster's brawl videos on youtube is because Dave & Buster's has no cameras in their midways and also has a strict anti-videotaping policy, which largely prevents fights from being captured on tape. But, there have been a multitude of fights at Dave & Buster's locations. Nine people were arrested for getting into a giant brawl at Dave & Buster's Arundel Mills. There have also been countless fights at Dave & Buster's Milipitas and we even read that they have nightly brawls in the parking lot at that Dave & Buster's location as well.

Chaos and mayhem breaking out in Dave & Buster's parking lots is more common than most people think. At Dave & Buster's Farmingdale a man drug his girlfriend through the parking lot by her hair one night. After witnessing the incident, a pack of vigilante guests, appalled by the man's actions, then proceeded to flip the man's car over.

There was even a huge brawl in the parking lot at the Dolphin Mall in Miami Florida, a mall where a Dave & Buster's location is located. Dave & Buster's security has also been known to grip up guests and violently eject them into the parking lot, in a manner similar to how uncle Phil habitually kicked Jazz out of his house on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Crime is extremely common at Dave & Buster's and the truth is that Dave & Buster's has become a magnet for criminal activity, due to their irresponsible sales of alcohol, their lack or regulations, and their reluctance to staff enough security guards and police

One of the primary issues that makes Dave & Buster's extremely problematic is that is it a morph bar, an establishment that operates as a restaurant in the day and morphs into a nightclub at night. If not operated properly, morph bars can lead to disasterous outcomes.

In Wauwatosa, neighbors
complained about the many dangers that their local Dave & Buster's brought to their community. Neighbors complained that Dave & Buster's customers were parking in front of their homes. They also complained that Dave & Buster's customers were getting drunk, driving drunk, littering, vomiting on their property, and causing a variety of other problems. Neighbors even suspected that Dave & Buster's customers were planning to burglarize their homes, because they noticed people creeping by and peeping into their garage windows apparently looking for items to steal. 

At one Dave & Buster's location thieves broke in and tried to steal an ATM machine. At another location a man dressed in a fake uniform came in and stole the armored car pickup money. At Dave & Buster's Braintree someone was arrested out front for the possession of cocaine.

Since criminals know that Dave & Buster's has lacksidaisical security and virtually no regulations they often see Dave & Buster's as a safe haven, a place they can go to and conduct criminal activities unimpeded. A lot of Dave & Buster's staff are crooked too. So, that is just like sending out an invitation to criminals.

Dave & Buster's is actually the perfect place for criminals because it has the appearance of being safe, when in fact is it not. That type of location allows a potential mark to lower their guard and is thus very attractive to criminals. One guest's daugher had her cell phone and souvenier bag stolen from the Orlando Dave & Buster's. Another guest misplaced her cell phone at a Dave & Buster's and later discovered that the general manager at that Dave & Buster's sold her phone on Amazon. The phone was later returned to her by the police. But, to our knowledge, that general manager still worked at that Dave & Buster's for an extended period of time after that. One guest, Kei Hsu, actually stated that a Dave & Buster's manager even condoned the theft of tickets.

Dave & Buster's has essentialy devolved into a run down wannabe casino with virtually no regulations and absolute minimum security. That has allowed Dave & Buster's to become the criminal mecca of the modern world and Dave & Buster's is now kind of like the Disney World for criminals.

People can just come to Dave & Buster's and steal tickets, get drunk, get in fights, throw up in the bathrooms, have sex in the photo booths, flip over cars in the parking lot, and Dave & Buster's corporate pretty much just sits down in Texas with the ringer off ducking calls and playing dumb.

This all makes Dave & Buster's extremely dangerous to communities. The actual reason Dave & Buster's was investigated at their Ontario location was because there were complaints within the community about Dave & Buster's not being safe.

In 2008, Alcohol Beverage Control wrote, "action was taken by ABC Investigators on Thursday, February 7, 2008 because of illegal activity that occurred at the location. ABC filed an accusation claiming the establishment was operating a disorderly house because it had become a law enforcement problem. Over the past two years, the Ontario Police Department responded numerous times to this location for various problems including fights and public drunkenness."

One of the primary reasons Dave & Buster's is extremely dangerous is because they have a tendency to habitually understaff their facilities. Dave & Buster's management likes to intentionally understaff their locations to save money and will even reduce police to cut down on costs. Management does this because they get special payroll bonuses if they meet staffing goals.

What are one or two security guards really going to do to stop a multitude of policy violations and illegal infractions they see going on, especially if a location is packed with ~1,600 people? Are security guards really going to manhandle every single ten year old kid they see running around unsupervised and risk getting in trouble, when they are probably getting mistreated by management and poorly paid anyway?

Security cannot be everywhere at once. They also cannot help it if management encourages bartenders to over serve guests to get them blasted and to make more money. All security can really do is protect the perimeter, break up any disturances, and try to detain anyone they witness commit any criminal acts.

One security guard is simply not enough to stop the kinds of things that can happen at Dave & Buster's, especially considering they are often only armed with a taser and mace. To illustrate this point, one Dave & Buster's security guard was severly beaten at one Dave & Buster's location and at another Dave & Buster's location two security guards were shot along with an assistant manager.

Even the police cannot stop the Dave & Buster's crime wave. Police officers have even been injured at Dave & Buster's locations. Outside one Dave & Buster's location a police officer was shot three times. Another police officer was thrown off of a moving car after he tried to arrest four suspects that appeared to be under the influence of drugs in a Dave & Buster's parking lot.

The police know how drunk Dave & Buster's customers can get due to over serving. So, police will set up DUI checkpoints to target drunk drivers leaving Dave & Buster's, because they know that Dave & Buster's customers often get totally wasted there.

Dave & Buster's Braintree even reduced police presence to cut down on costs. Dave & Buster's actually filed a motion to reduce the police presence at Dave & Buster's Braintree a few months after there was a liquor license suspension hearing. Police officers argued that there was a public safety need at Dave & Buster's Braintree and asked that police presence not be reduced. But, Dave & Buster's request was granted and months later someone was stabbed at Dave & Buster's Braintree.

Why would Dave & Buster's want to reduce the number of police when they already know full well how violent their facilities can be? They wouldn't want the police around scaring off the lucrative drunks would they?

See, we suspect that Dave & Buster's would rather have their own poorly trained private security in charge so they can maintain control and help cover up anything that goes wrong. That way if anything happens Dave & Buster's can just try to manipulate the situation to their advantage.

Cops follow their own set of rules, the rule of law, and, being that there is so much illegal activity going on at Dave & Buster's, a bunch of potential John McClanes snooping around could pose a serious problem to the Dave & Buster's gameplan, because they would have no idea what police will and will not tolerate.

Dave & Buster's will usually do whatever it takes to make more money. They just don't want to get caught red-handed doing anything illegal. That is the only thing that keeps them even remotely in line. If the police didn't have to be there, we highly doubt Dave & Buster's would want them to be there at all.

Dave & Buster's are currently preparing to open a new facility in Vernon Hills. Dave & Buster's misled the Vernon Hills village board by making it appear as if their facilities were not dangerous. But, the police chief and numerous board members raised concerns and eventually they were able to prohibit guns from being allowed inside that facility.

Lane DeYoung, Dave & Buster's corporate associate general council, said that Dave & Buster's usually allows guns inside their facilities except where prohibited by law. Mr. DeYoung also stated that Dave & Buster's never had any issues with concealed weapons in their restaurants located in the home state of Texas but he conveniently failed to mention the gun violence that occurred inside Dave & Buster's Arcadia, where one guest was shot dead at the bar.

Mr. DeYoung also failed to mention the Dave & Buster's Houston shootout, which occurred in Texas. We guess that incidents involving unconcealed weapons outside Dave & Buster's locations don't count to Mr. DeYoung, which is probably the exact reason Mr. DeYoung worded his statements the way he did. He simply tried to trick everyone into thinking that Dave & Buster's is safer than it really is and Mr. DeYoung's trickery personifies the way Dave & Buster's tailors most of their media correspondences, constantly and deliberaly omitting critical information. 

Dave & Buster's are also preparing to open a new facility in Woburn. Alderman Darlene Mercer-Bruen asked Dave & Buster's if they have ever lost one of their liquor licenses due to underage drinking or other infractions. The eventual response from Dave & Buster's representatives was, "no D&B location has ever had a license stripped away, though in two instances it has been punished with temporary suspensions, due to issues unrelated to serving alcohol to minors."

Dave & Buster's representatives simply misled everyone like usual. Their Maple Grove store liquor license was suspended for two days because they got caught selling to a minor in an undercover sting. Dave & Buster's Hawaii was also fined $2,000 for getting busted selling to a minor. Dave & Buster's even got busted selling to a minor in another undercover sting at their Marietta location on April 26, 2013, just months before Dave & Buster's issued their response. 

In 2011, Dave & Buster's paid out 1.5 million dollars to the family of a 20 year old man, Joseph Borselio, who was struck and killed by a drunk driver. The plantiffs in the case alleged that Dave & Buster's West Nyack overserved the driver that killed Mr. Borselio and felt that Dave & Buster's should be held accountable. The driver, Douglas Moore, plead guilty and was sentenced to a four-year prison sentence. Tests indicated that he had a .21 blood-alcohol content the night of the crash. 

Dave & Buster's tried to use their lawyers to silence the media, by filing a motion to block media coverage. But, shortly thereafter, Dave & Buster's decided to settle, paying the plantiffs 1.5 million dollars. After agreeing to a confidential settlement agreement, the truth was swept under the rug.

If Dave & Buster's had nothing to hide, then why did they agree to a settlement right before the jury selection process was getting ready to begin? Why would a company as cheap as Dave & Buster's pay out that much money before trial without even putting up a real fight? Why did Dave & Buster's try to block media coverage?

We think the reason Dave & Buster's settled is because the plantiffs in the case would have revealed a lot of information that Dave & Buster's didn't want out in the open, because, according to what we have read, there appeared to be a lot of witnesses prepared to testify that the driver that killed Mr. Borselio was visibly intoxicated while being served at Dave & Buster's West Nyack.

We also suspect that Dave & Buster's reached that settlement in 2011 because they were already considering making an initial public offering the next year and didn't want any bad publicity during the time period directly preceeding their stock going public, because i
t would have been horrible for business if the press caught onto their history of reckless and negligent activities. 

In 2012, when Dave & Buster's filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission they severely downplayed their alcohol problems. They also stated that they have to follow very strict gaming regulations when they do not. So, Dave & Buster's lied to and misled the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The truth is that Dave & Buster's knows that they overserve their guests constantly and that is what causes their locations to be so dangerous. People have died at Dave & Buster's locations and the Dave & Buster's corporation has systematically tried to silence anyone who tries to expose them for what they really are. Dave & Buster's will even petition yelp to remove negative reviews, while at the same time a Dave & Buster's marketing manager was caught writing five star yelp reviews.

Outside of this website, the Dave & Buster's information suppression network controls virtually the entire flow of Dave & Buster's related information. Dave & Buster's has even used their staff to create propaganda online, propaganda that makes them look good publicly. But, there are just too many yelp reviews to hide the truth.

Dave & Buster's removes comments and posts from their Facebook page. They request to have yelp reviews removed. They try to intimidate staff that speak out. They have an anti-videotaping policy and no cameras in their midways, which limits people from collecting evidence against them. Dave & Buster's corporate will even cover up criminal activities that occur at their facilities and corproate stonewalls practically everyone.

When people with disabilities were having problems accessing two particular Dave & Buster's locations, due to certain sections of those facilities being wheelchair inaccessible, they could not get a hold of Dave & Buster's and actually had to sue Dave & Buster's just to try to get them to take action. The plantiffs said they didn't want to sue Dave & Buster's but had no choice because Dave & Buster's wouldn't return their calls. One guest even had 300,000 tickets disappear from his registered powercard and he was stonewalled by corporate and never received his missing tickets back.

Dave & Buster's corporate even stonewalls the media. If you look over news stories pertaining to Dave & Buster's, over and over again you see that Dave & Buster's corporate will usually not return phone calls unless they want to. If there is any risk that the person calling them may ask them the wrong questions, they will probably just play dumb and not answer the phone.

Whereas Chuck E. Cheese was very open with guests and the media regarding the violent incidents that were occurring at their facilities, Dave & Buster's just likes to stonewall the media instead. That is probably because, whereas Chuck E. Cheese spent over fifteen million dollars to attempt to rectify the issues they were having, Dave & Buster's knows that they have done very little to stop problems from occurring at their facilities. Dave & Buster's also knows that there is almost nothing they can say or do to easily correct their problems, due to the way their facilities are designed and constructed.

What many Dave & Buster's locations have essentially become is a poorly managed, run-down, wannabe casino with little oversight, broken games, low payouts, theft of winnings, drunk customers, unsupervised children, terrible food, long wait times, poorly trained staff, under age drinking, lacksidaisical security, crooked managers, bartenders overserving, and a bunch of criminals preying on the naive customers unfortunate enough to travel there.

A lot of people, due to their own naivety and lack of information, think that everything that happens at Dave & Buster's is an accident and that Dave & Buster's is just unlucky. Some things are just bad luck. But, Dave & Buster's only has a little over 60 facilities. They aren't Chuck E. Cheese, that has over 500 facilities, wherein it can be hard to keep a watchful eye on everything.

Dave & Buster's corporate is simply negligent and doesn't usually care about what is going on at their facilities and that is what is leading to so many dangerous situations occurring at Dave & Buster's locations. Wait until Dave & Buster's expands their "Dave & Buster's Universe" to 150+ locations, like they hope to. Imagine what will happen then?

The entire Dave & Buster's system is broken because Dave & Buster's attempts to cater to two totally different demographics: adults and children. It is very hard to do that at a bar and it just doesn't work when a location is not properly managed and staff are systematically allowed to violate the policies, which at Dave & Buster's is often the case.

Below we have compiled our evidence that proves definitively that the Dave & Buster's corporation has a long history of overserving their guests, that Dave & Buster's locations have become a magnet for criminal activity, that Dave & Buster's locations are often extremely violent, and that the Dave & Buster's corporation is extremely negligent in the way they conduct business.

So, because of this, w
e will be informing new towns what Dave & Buster's is really like every time Dave & Buster's plans on coming to their neighborhood.

A History of Deception
Marketing Campaign
Drinking At Dave & Buster's
Over Serving Guests
Bartenders Over Pouring
Under Age Drinking
Unsupervised Children
Liquor License Suspensions
Violence & Mayhem
Fights & Aggressive Behavior
Criminal Activity

The Drunkest Arcade In America   
After A Liquor License Suspension Dave & Buster's Milipitas Is Still Over Serving Their Guests

It is a proven fact that Dave & Buster's will over serve their guests to make more money. Drunk customers lead to bigger profits, because not only do they buy more drinks but they also spend more money playing broken games.

We recently went through all the yelp reviews of Dave & Buster's Milipitas and searched specifically for evidence that Dave & Buster's Milipitas was over serving their guests and allowing that location to become extremely dangeorus.

We discovered that the local police know how bad it is at Dave & Buster's Milipitas and that they have even placed a sobriety check point near Dave & Buster's Milipitas to catch drunk drivers. It is so bad at Dave & Buster's Milipitas that in early 2010 the Dave & Buster's Milipitas liquor license was suspended for 10 days.

The news story regarding the suspension did not mention the exact reason the liquor license was suspended at Dave & Buster's Milipitas and Dave & Buster's Milipitas manager Charlie Cook would not explain to the media why the liquor license was suspended there either. But, three different yelp reviewers gave three different explanations regarding why the liquor license was suspended at Dave & Buster's Milipitas for 10 days in 2010.

One guest stated that the liquor license was suspended because an under age guest got extremely intoxicated there. One guest stated that the license was suspended because Dave & Buster's Milipitas was serving watered down drinks. Another guest stated that a waiter told them that the license was suspended because guests were getting too drunk. Take your pick.

After examing all of the yelp reviews of Dave & Buster's Milipitas regarding this issue we have come to the conclusion that any of the three guests' explanations could have been the reason the liquor license was suspended at Dave & Buster's Milipitas. 

Countless customers reported receiving watered down drinks. Customers reported under age drinking. Customers reported a lot of fights occurring there. Customers also reported that people would gather in the parking lot in masse and that fights would break out in the parking lot, with one guest even reporting that there was a fight that involved throwing broken glass. Dave & Buster's actually agreed to the terms of the suspension and did not fight it. What does that tell you?

We have looked over all of the yelp reviews relating to guests getting extremely intoxicated at Dave & Buster's Milipitas and it appears like the bartenders at Dave & Buster's are horribly trained. One guest stated that there is a crew of ~50 bartenders that rotates constantly. We have also read that the bartender turnover rate at Dave & Buster's Milipitas is extremely high.

Another factor is that the bartenders at Dave & Buster's Milipitas appear to play favoritism. One female guest stated that if customers flirt with the bartenders they may get "eff-me-up" style drinks. The drinks do not usually appear to be measured and over pouring is extremely common, which inadvertently can cause guests to consume more alcohol than they intended to, which can lead to accidental over intoxication, driving under the influence charges, car crashes, and vehicular homicides.

At the same time, we read widespread reports that the drinks are often weak and watered down at Dave & Buster's Milipitas. We even read that a Dave & Buster's staff member told a guest that Dave & Buster's has a (obviously off the books) practice of intentionally watering down their drinks to increase profits and reduce liquor costs. One guest even stated that staff forgot to put alcohol in her drink and only put it in after being reminded to do so.

So, if you suspect your Dave & Buster's cocktails are being watered down just switch to beer, wine, or shots, because they cannot be watered down. If you do decide to drink liquor or a cocktail at Dave & Buster's Milipitas, make sure to order it neat to prevent any shenanigans involving excessive ice being placed in your glass, because we read that staff at Dave & Buster's Milipitas may fill the glass with excessive ice to lower liquor costs, especially during happy hour. We also discovered that some bartenders may not even fill the glasses all the way up, possibly even leaving an inch of space at the top of the glass.

As usual, it is most likely poor management that is to blame, management that typically turns a blind eye to anything illegal or disreputable going on to increase revenues. Dave & Buster's managers will often just hire the people they can pay the least so that they can cut back on staffing expenses and that often leads to a lack of consistency, which explains how bartenders can simultaneously over pour and serve watered down drinks.

On top of all the issues with inconsistent pouring, according to one guest Dave & Buster's doesn't even put prices on their drinks menu. Dave & Buster's staff may also mislead guests on the prices of drinks. One guest stated that a particular margarita deal only applied to the standard magarita, that her waitress didn't inform her and her friends that the deal didn't apply to the other margarita flavors, and that caused her and her friends to accidentally purchase exorbitantly priced margaritas by accident.

Unless it is happy hour or there is a special going on, the prices on drinks are extremely expensive at Dave & Buster's and guest are often shocked when they finally receive their bill. Many guests wanting to get hammered go to Dave & Buster's specifically during happy hour and get totally blitzed because shots are half off.

Happy hour is also misleading. From what we have read the half priced happy hour special does not apply to beer or wine. So, guests should take note of that too. At Dave & Buster's Milipitas during late night happy hour customers may even have to get aggressive at the bar to get a drink, by pushing other people out of the way, which can lead to violent altercations and unruly behavior.

What is remarkable is that even after their liquor license suspension guests were still going to Dave & Buster's Milipitas to get drunk. It appears that Dave & Buster's Milipitas tried to lay low directly after they were busted, which would partially explain the reports of watered down drinks, but recidivism is resillient and Dave & Buster's Milipitas is back to their old tricks, getting guests drunk once again.

Alcohol isn't the only issue at Dave & Buster's Milipitas. Over crowding can also be a huge issue. On busy nights there are often lines at the games and at the bar. One guest even stated that when they went to Dave & Buster's Milipitas there was a line of 200 people wrapped around the building as customers lined up to get in. 

From what we have read Dave & Buster's Milipitas can get extremely crowed on busy nights and it can be difficult to navigate the facility when it is crowded. Dave & Buster's often likes to use their own crowd management policies and likes to bypass local crowd management ordinances if possible, which partially explains why their locations get so packed and out of control.

Dave & Buster's Milipitas will charge up to a $10 cover charge to enter their facility on certain busier nights, simply because they can get away with it, given they will probably reach maximum capacity either way. They may even charge the cover charge again if a guest has to leave an re-enter.

Dave & Buster's Milipitas has the perception of being somewhat of a nightclub, with one guest even stating that there was a dance floor there, so charging a cover charge gives Dave & Buster's Milipitas even more of a nightclub vibe.

Foreign guests may have problems getting into Dave & Buster's Milipitas because they do not accept passports as valid identification there. So, that essentially means foreigners on vacation cannot gain entry there by themselves or go there to drink, which could be considered discrimination. One Asian guest even accused staff there of racial profiling.

We specifically focused on collecting yelp evidence pertaining to issues with alcohol abuse at Dave & Buster's Milipitas. But, at Dave & Buster's Milipitas there were widespread reports of terrible food, hideous customer service, broken games, long wait times, and all of the regular usual suspects.

You can click on the links below to view our evidence that proves Dave & Buster's Milipitas likes to get their guests liquored up so they can trick them into playing their broken games.  

A History of Alcohol Abuse
Over Serving Guests
Fights & Aggressive Behavior
Under Age Drinking
Bartenders Over Pouring
Expensive Cover Charge
General Complaints

Dave & Buster's Marketing Manager Busted  
Popeye Vasquez, The D&B Irvine Marketing Manager, Caught Writing 5-Star D&B Yelp Reviews

Recently we revealed that Dave & Buster's can petition to yelp to have negative yelp reviews removed. But, we also caught a Dave & Buster's marketing manager writing fake five star yelp reviews of Dave & Buster's.

When we were creating our Dave & Buster's negative yelp review database, while we were reading over the reviews of Dave & Buster's Boise, we noticed a very bizarre five star review created by a yelp reviewer named "Popeye V". 

The review just seemed like a fake review. So, on a hunch, we clicked on Popeye's profile and noticed that he also reviewed two other Dave & Buster's locations on yelp, giving them both five star reviews. In each review Popeye wrote he made it appear as if Dave & Buster's was the greatest place on earth, which just simply isn't the case.

So, we clicked on the events Popeye posted and they were all related to Dave & Buster's. We did a little searching on google and discovered that the marketing manager at Dave & Buster's Irvine was named Popeye Vasquez. It ended up being the same Popeye V. that created the five star Dave & Buster's yelp reviews.

Popeye Vasquez did not mention that he worked as the marketing manager at Dave & Buster's Irvine in any of his yelp reviews of Dave & Buster's. But, in the Dave & Buster's Management Handbook it states point blank that when posting content on the internet management must identify their affiliation with Dave & Buster's if they are discussing anything regarding Dave & Buster's.

How can a Dave & Buster's marketing manager review Dave & Buster's without bias? Doesn't Popeye Vasquez have a serious conflict of interest if he is writing reviews of Dave & Buster's, the same company he is paid to promote?

Companies have been fined a lot of money recently for paying people to create fake reviews of their company, because it is considered false advertising. Popeye is getting paid by Dave & Buster's to market their company. So, technically, by Popeye Vasquez, the marketing manager at Dave & Buster's Irvine, reviewing Dave & Buster's on yelp and giving them five stars in every single review he wrote, that could be construed as Dave & Buster's paying for their own five star yelp reviews to improve their yelp rating, especially because one of Popeye's reviews directly impacted the overall yelp star rating of Dave & Buster's Boise, being that only seven other people reviewed that location.  

We're curious what the Federal Trade Commission would have to say about this, given that Popeye Vasquez is totally busted. We're also curious what the Federal Trade Commission would have to say about the r/DaveAndBusters subreddit that Eric Minion, the midway manager at Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh, operated for an extended period of time.

Dave & Buster's staff like to engage in a lot of deceptive business practices over the internet it seems. Dave & Buster's even misled customers on their official Facebook page by implying that the televised pay per view fights were free to watch.

After looking over Popeye's events posts we noticed that Dave & Buster's originally had the prices listed on their fight promo photos but then started removing the prices as time went on. Why is that? Do they make more money by luring their customers to their establishments under false pretenses? Why would they remove the prices when they had them listed on the promo photos originally? This proves that not listing the prices is not an oversight and that Dave & Buster's intentionally removed the prices for some reason. Dave & Buster's would not answer guests' questions regarding how much it costs to watch the fights. We wonder why that is?

We should also mention that during our yelp investigation we discovered that if a fight takes place in Vegas and you pay to watch that fight at Dave & Buster's on the east coast that Dave & Buster's will close regardless of whether or not the fight has ended. So, take that into account before traveling to Dave & Buster's to watch a fight if you live on the east coast. We even discovered that Dave & Buster's borrows graphics from other companies to use on their Facebook page for marketing purposes

This all makes us a little curious as to what other Dave & Buster's staff members are doing on the internet. If Dave & Buster's will mislead customers on their official Facebook page, what will staff do behind the scenes? Does Dave & Buster's corporate ever punish their staff for doing anything that violates policy?

Click HERE to view our indisputable evidence against Popeye Vasquez.

Registered Powercards Are Not Safe  
300,000 Tickets Disappear From A Powercard And D&B Refuses To Refund The "Lost" Tickets

We stumbled upon an older Dave & Buster's Facebook post from 2011. That post outlines a story regarding a customer, Nathan Walter, going to Dave & Buster's one day to discover that 300,000 tickets disappeared from his registered powercard.

Nathan suspected that a crooked Dave & Buster's staff member noticed his high powercard ticket balance, took note of his powercard number, and then later covertly removed 300,000 tickets from his account and transferred them to another powercard using the computer system.

After complaining at his location and getting no results, Nathan contacted Dave & Buster's corporate and they conducted an investigation. At the end of their investigation corporate said, "our investigations are done internally and we cannot release that information." 

At that point, Nathan never received his 300,000 tickets back and Dave & Buster's stonewalled him, giving him the cold shoulder on Facebook, like they usually do to other disgruntled customers that Dave & Buster's has ripped off, harassed, or wronged.

Corporate wouldn't even respond to Nathan's Facebook post, yet they responded to someone else's comment below him in that same post. So, Dave & Buster's obviously knew about Nathan's plight and chose to ignore him.

This story basically proves that the entire rewards system is virtually worthless. This story also makes it appear as if Dave & Buster's staff can steal from customers with impunity, knowing that corporate will often cover things up and stonewall guests. Contacting corporate, allowing corporate to launch an investigation, really just gives Dave & Buster's corporate time to cover things up.

In the end, since Dave & Buster's will often try to silence anyone who speaks out against them or use their muscle to intimidate people, most guests have no easy recourse if they have any serious issues regarding tickets disappearing from their registered powercards.

So, as always, we suggest that if guests have a problem at Dave & Buster's they contact the Better Business Bureau, the police, the state police, the Federal Trade Commission, an attorney, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, Interpol, the Ghostbusters, the Secret Service, the Parent Teachers Association, the Securities And Exchange Commission, local gaming regulators, the health control board, Alcohol Beverage Control, or the state attorney general. Never call corporate!

Another thing you can do to deter the theft of your tickets is to never tell anyone at Dave & Buster's how many tickets are on your registered powercard and try to deal with as few staff members as possible when using your registered powercard, especially if you have a registered powercard with an extremely high ticket balance.

For instance, if you found one trustworthy front desk staff member at your location, you could add all of your tickets to an unregistered powercard as you play and then later transfer those tickets to your registered powercard using that one staff member you trust. That way only one staff member would ever know how many tickets you really have. Since that staff member would work at the front desk, they probably wouldn't interact with the staff in the midway and rumors of a player with a bunch of tickets on their powercard would probably not surface. Since you could just transfer the tickets to your registered powercard each week, there would be minimal risks related to you adding your tickets to an unregistered powercard, being that your tickets wouldn't be on that unregistered powercard for very long. Plus, if your tickets ever disappeared from your registered powercard you would have a very good idea who was involved.

We also suggest placing any high balance powercards in a radio-frequency identification (RFID) wallet to ensure their safe keeping, especially in big cities.

Click HERE to view evidence that proves registered powercards are not safe at Dave & Buster's.

Dave & Buster's Gets Shredded On Yelp  
We Have Compiled All The Worst D&B Yelp Reviews And Created A Nationwide Database

Dave & Buster's has been known to petition to yelp to have negative reviews removed, claiming the reviews violated this or that yelp policy. Dave & Buster's will often remove negative posts and comments from their Facebook page as well.

Christopher Gray recently exposed Dave & Buster's on Facebook again. His first batch of posts & comments was deleted in about four hours and afterwards the account he used to expose them was prohibited from posting and commenting on the Dave & Buster's Facebook page again.

So, Mr. Gray created another Facebook account and his second batch of posts & comments was deleted from the Dave & Buster's Facebook page in about two hours and Mr. Gray was silenced again.

So, in lieu of all that, Mr. Gray decided to start posting to other Facebook walls instead, a tactic that he will be using again in the future because of it's success.

Despite the fact that Dave & Buster's may try to eliminate negative Facebook comments and yelp reviews, they can't get rid of them all. Recently we went through all of the negative yelp reviews of Dave & Buster's Arcadia and created a story based on the many horrors we uncovered.

After creating that story we thought it would be a great idea to create a database of all the worst Dave & Buster's yelp reviews for every single one of their locations. So, that is exactly what we have done.

Now on Arcade Revolution you can easily view all the worst Dave & Buster's yelp reviews in an easy to navigate and organized manner. Viewer discretion is advised.

Click HERE to travel to our negative Dave & Buster's yelp review database. 


Playstation 4 Release On Hold At Dave & Buster's 
Dave & Buster's Locations Will Not Stock Playstation 4 Until Playstation 3 Inventory Is Gone

In case there are any Dave & Buster's advantage players out there who haven't been entrapped, framed, banned on false accusations, or eliminated in some other manner, we figured we would fill you in on what has been going on at Dave & Buster's recently.

According to the Dave & Buster's Facebook page, Dave & Buster's stated that the Playstation 4 should arrive at their locations near the end of November and will cost 105,000 tickets. The X-Box One will cost 130,000 tickets whenever they get that in.

However, not all Dave & Buster's locations may get the newer prize variants in immediately, because Dave & Buster's will not usually stock the newer variant of a prize until the old inventory has been totally depleted. Not all Dave & Buster's locations stock the same prizes either and the prices on prizes have been known to vary slightly between Dave & Buster's locations as well.

At Dave & Buster's there are large and small format stores. At smaller stores there are usually less customers and less tickets won. So, at smaller stores there are often less people with enough tickets to purchase the higher priced prizes to eliminate them from the inventory.

When new product variants are about to be released customers will often totally stop purchasing the old units, because they are waiting for the new versions to be released. In these instances, since most customers don't usually want to purchase the older prize variants at full price, often those prizes just sit on the shelves indefinitely because the cheapskates at Dave & Buster's are often reluctant to lower the price on the older models to eliminate that older inventory faster. At some Dave & Buster's locations it can take up to four months, or possibly longer, for older products to be eliminated from the inventory, allowing new product updates to take their place.

To prevent this from occurring in the future Dave & Buster's could stop stocking older products right before a new product launch and they could just make those prizes special order, like the iPads, during the few months before a new product launch. Dave & Buster's could also just reduce the inventory of those items down to one unit at a time right before a new product launch as well. If a product remains in a winner's circle for a really long time, occasionally Dave & Buster's will lower the price on it until it sells. But, that is very rare. 

Dave & Buster's also advertised a new promotion called Everyone Wins but due to technical difficulties the promotion was placed on hold. Don't get too excited. The promotion is basically just a gimmick designed to entice customers to spend more money.

The top two prize variants were 10,000 tickets (1/2000) and 300 chips (1/2000). Most of the prizes (~45%) were $20 BOGO coupons, which aren't that much better of a deal than buying $100 Mega Play deals, so long as the coupons are used in the proper manner.

Using a $20 BOGO coupon a customer will spend $20 to get $40 in gameplay. But, remember that, based off the 30% target payback rate, on $40 spent Dave & Buster's will usually pay back $12 in prizes. So, technically, with each $20 BOGO coupon used Dave & Buster's should make an $8 profit by default. Plus, they will usually make a lot of money by selling customers overpriced food and beverages as well. 

Understand that this whole promotion is also based off the rewards program actually working properly and the front desk personnel actually operating the terminals properly, which is often not the case.

So, in the end, Dave & Buster's should really just call their new promotion We Win, because even after paying out a few piddling prizes here or there,  Dave & Buster's will inevitably make much more money by ripping their customers off once they lure them into their insidious trap. 

When we were examining the prizes Dave & Buster's was giving away in their Everyone Wins promotion, Dave & Buster's placed a monetary value beside each prize. What we found highly odd is that Dave & Buster's values 10,000 tickets at $40.00, when in the past 10,000 tickets were valued at $50.00. So, it appears as if the value of the tickets has depreciated twenty percent.

We are curious what this is attributed to and it calls into question the integrity of the entire powercard system, because the prices of prizes has been rising and the value of the tickets appears to be declining.

Dave & Buster's keeps opening more and more stores and more tickets keep being won nationwide because of this. But, at the same time Dave & Buster's has also tightened the games nationwide. So, multiple factors could be involved in this issue and figuring out exactly what is going on could be difficult. 

If our suspicions about Jerek Gonzales turn out to be true, that could be a major factor in all of this. Jerek said that Dave & Buster's staff told him that he was the direct reason the prices of prizes were increased nationwide.

If it turns out that Jerek was acting as a fence and selling powercards with phantom tickets loaded on to them by crooked staff, it basically means that Dave & Buster's staff stole from the customers at Dave & Buster's in a manner that caused the value of their powercard ticket balances to decrease in value.

If that is the case, why should that money come out of the paying customer's pockets? It wouldn't be their fault if Dave & Buster's hired thieving staff and has little oversight. Why should the customers have to pay more for their prizes on account of crooked staff scamming them? Would corporate try to sweep something like that under the rug like usual?

In other news, Dave & Buster's also mentioned a holiday deal that affords players a free $10 voucher with every $25 gift card purchased. The deal may or may not be offered at every Dave & Buster's location. You can see how this type of deal works by traveling to our mathematics section and viewing the section regarding holiday vouchers.

Jerek Gonzales Evidence Download  
We Now Have New Suspicions Regarding Jarek Gonzales' Activities

Recently we exposed what Jerek Gonzales was doing at three of the Dave & Buster's locations in California. When we confronted Jerek publicly he tried to backtrack and deny what he did. But, that got us to thinking about what he was really up to. We now suspect Jerek may have been acting as a fence and colluding with crooked Dave & Buster's staff to steal tickets and tokens.

Jerek has started trying to cover up what he was doing by deleting comments on his hersheycookiescreme reddit account. So, we are making our evidence against him publicly available for download, being that we saved full .html files of his incriminating reddit admissions before he started engaging in a cover up. We opened all of the comments in each of his incrminating posts before saving them. So, every one of his comments will appear in the posts along with a time/date stamp.

Below we have compiled our evidence against Jerek. Our evidence is in a .rar file format and contains all of the screenprint evidence we have already posted on Arcade Revolution. It also contains full .html files of his Skeeball IAmA, the 100k reddit thread he was posting to, and his ebay post regarding the sale of 800 arcade tokens. The evidence is broken down into folders to make it easier to understand.

Click HERE to download our evidence against Jerek Gonzales. 

Arcade Revolution Is Finally Complete  
Now That We Have Finished Construction We Can Turn Our Attention To Battling Corruption

There has been a lot of construction taking place on Arcade Revolution over the past few months, while we ironed out the overall format of the website. Well, we are proud to announce that the overall format of the website is finally complete.

In our most recent addition to the website we added twelve new games to our redemption gaming guide, added to the code in a variety of ways, added a news archive, added a lot of new photos and videos, added an apple application icon, added a lot of new stories, and tweaked a few other things here or there.

As new games are released and as the arcade industry evolves we will adapt the overall content of Arcade Revolution to help provide players with all the information that will help lead them to the promised land and avoid getting ripped off by rogue operators.

Now that we have finished construction on the website, we will focus our attention on trying to rid the arcade industry of corruption, by constantly exposing shenanigans and illegal business practices perpetrated by arcades across the world.

So, watch out rogue operators, because we've got our eye on you!


The Top 13 Ways Dave & Buster's Harass Their Staff  
If You Thought Customers Had It Bad, Wait Until You See How Bad The Staff At D&B Have It

If you are ever thinking about working at Dave & Buster's there are a few dozen things you need to know in advance before putting in an application. From sexual harassment, to extremely low wages, many staff members at Dave & Buster's have it extremely bad.

So, we have created a story dedicated to the slaves of the Dave & Buster's corporation and all the hardships they have to endure. In many instances working at Dave & Buster's is like venturing into the darkest depths of Mordor. 

Chris Lama, the nefarious general manager at Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh, tried very hard to eliminate Christopher Gray, the operator of this website, from Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh for a reason. When you read this story you will see why Dave & Buster's did not want Mr. Gray exposing the truth about how horrible Dave & Buster's really is on a website.

Click HERE to view how bad the staff at Dave & Buster's have it. Most advantage players only play a few days a week but the staff are trapped at Dave & Buster's every single day. 

Walk down the wrong hall at Dave & Buster's and you can find anything!

A Dave & Buster's Manager Condones Ticket Theft  
A Player's Tickets Are Stolen And Dave & Buster's Staff On Duty Does Nothing To Stop It

Unfortunately the theft of tickets is extraordinarily common at Dave & Buster's. If you set your tickets down and turn your back for even a brief moment those tickets could be stolen. Some shady customers have even been known to run little con games wherein one person distracts a player while another person steals their tickets.

We would like to remind players that stealing tickets is a very serious offense and it is not taken lightly by Arcade Revolution. Even the theft of one ticket could be grounds for an authoritrian arcade to ban a player. So, we advise players to look but not touch when they are coveting another player's tickets.

Ticket theft has gotten so bad that we suggest casual players write their names on their ticket cups with a pen as a theft deterrent. That way if another player sees the cup they will at least know they belong to someone else.

If advantage players have problems with ticket theft, we suggest they acquire a fabric loot sack for their tickets and put their name on it. A trash bag would also work. If using a trash bag, we suggest using a 55+ gallon black contractor bag. That way you can just reuse it with minimal risk of it tearing.

Black trash bags, in particular, are a good theft deterrent because other thieving guests won't be able to see what is inside of it. Players could also just get a prize bag from the prize center to store their tickets too, if they don't want to go the trashbag route.

Women could carry a giant purse to store their tickets. If they do that, they should make sure to not get their tickets tangled in with their keys or other objects in their purses, as one player actually had their keys shredded at a Dave & Buster's location before by accident.

During blokassassin's prize giveaway he went around the midway randomly placing prizes, like pixie stix and teddy bears, on tables at Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh. He noticed that customers would usually take the prizes without asking.

Another time he placed a cup full of tickets on a table just to see if they would be taken. The ticket cup disappeared within a very short period of time. Once, he even had a child distract him while another child stole his tickets but the children's mother noticed the scam and returned the tickets to him. 

Often, blokassassin would find free credits on games like Cyclone. When he did, he would just play the game and no matter what the outcome was, he would just walk away after playing it. When he won the jackpot and walked away without taking any of the tickets, shortly thereafter the tickets would just disappear, being harvested by a random ticket thief.

We should remind players that the theft of even one ticket is still theft. If you steal even one ticket at Dave & Buster's that could technically be considered larceny of an item valued at half a cent. You always hear stories about people getting in trouble for shoplifting bubblegum. So, don't be that person who gets caught stealing tickets.

One tickets is usually all it takes. It starts off as stealing one ticket. Then, people could raise the stakes by stealing a stream of tickets, then a cup. Pretty soon they could be stealing trashbags of tickets and serving hard time in the county jail, because tickets have a real monetary value. Stealing a ticket is gateway theft and, through gradualism, could lead players to a life of crime.

If you ever find a ticket at an arcade and want to claim it you should alert arcade staff to its presence. If they allow you to keep it then at that point you usually cannot be held responsible for taking it. 

But, if you want to be really litigious you could contact the police and report that you discovered that ticket. At that point, after a certain period of time elapses, police may allow you to keep that ticket. At that point the ticket would be legally and officially yours to keep forever.

Players should also watch out for arcade staff stealing their prizes and placing them back in the prize center. Arcade staff have been known to take prizes they find lying around and place them back in the prize center so that they can sell them again. So, players need to watch out for that as well.

Players should also take care to note that if they ever find a machine dispensing "free tickets" it is highly probably that those tickets belong to another player and that player just went to the bathroom or to get a technician. So, don't just think it is your lucky day if you ever find a game dispensing "free tickets". If you saw an ATM machine spitting out free money and took it, that would be considered theft by many, especially the owner of the ATM machine.

Fights have been known to break out at arcades over ticket disputes. So, don't ever put yourself in an awkward situation, especially at arcades, like Dave & Buster's Arcadia, that are frequented by asian gangsters. At violent arcades, a few tickets in your pocket could turn into a bullet in your rib cage.

Recently at Dave & Buster's Arcadia a man named Kei Hsu had his tickets stolen from him. He saw who did it but the perpetrators ran to the Winner's Circle and added them to their powercard before he could stop them. At that point, as the perpetrators were pointing and laughing at him from inside the Winner's Circle, he tried to get management to intervent.

A manager, Scott, said that since staff didn't witness the people steal the tickets, and since there were no cameras in the midway, there was nothing they could do about it. At that point Scott said there was basically nothing that Dave & Buster's could do to prevent customers from going around stealing other customer's tickets. According to Kei, Scott, the manager at Dave & Buster's Arcadia, condoned ticket theft. 

This all raises a lot of questions about Dave & Buster's lacksidaisical security protocols. What if the tickets stolen are in a woman's purse? What if they are in a guest's pocket? One woman's daugher had her souvenier bag and cell phone stolen from her while at the Orlando Dave & Buster's and management was disrespectful to her and her daughter, treating them like they did something wrong.

Dave & Buster's is very nonchalant about the theft of tickets, because it happens so frequently. This issue is absolutely widespread and Dave & Buster's usually treats it like it is no big deal whatsoever. That is because most Dave & Buster's managers don't have the courage to punish the offenders, often resorting to cowardice and indecision instead.

Kei complained about this horrible situation on the Dave & Buster's Facebook page and worked with another manager at Dave & Buster's Arcadia to resolve the situation. But, while Kei was there Dave & Buster's Arcadia did nothing to help him. It was only after he blew the whistle on the Dave & Buster's Facebook page that he got results. He also filed a complaint with the local police.

Apparently, ticket theft is no big deal to Dave & Buster's corporate either. On their official Facebook page they recently awarded a guest a free gift card for taking tickets that were dispensing out of a broken game. What does that tell you?

So, let this be a lesson. If anything bad ever happens to you at Dave & Buster's just go to the police. Then, go and complain on the Dave & Buster's Facebook page. That formula seems to be the best way to get results.

Christopher Gray will actually be using this approach in the near future and will be going to the police to file charges against the crooked staff at Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh. He will also be filing a complaint in person with the Better Business Bureau and will be contacting any other agencies that may be interested in hearing what he has to say.

Months ago Mr. Gray filed a complaint against Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh with both the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission online. But, he hasn't heard back from them yet. He even filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union.

The American Civil Liberties Union told Mr. Gray that they usually only handle cases involving discrimination cases against a large group of people and told Mr. Gray that he should talk to an attorney instead.

Currently, Mr. Gray is considering their advice and is thinking about filing a class action lawsuit against the Dave & Buster's corporation on behalf of the tens of thousands of customers and staff members the Dave & Buster's corporation has ripped off and abused over the course of years, due to the Dave & Buster's corporation's reckless, negligent, and criminal ways.

Mr. Gray actually called the Homestead Police Department a few months back and left them a message to alert them to what was going on at Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh but his phone call was never returned. This time he will be compiling his evidence and filing charges in person to make sure the job gets handled properly.  

Mr. Gray has become fed up with the Dave & Buster's corporation's attempts to silence him. His blokavenger reddit account was recently prohibited from posting and commenting on reddit for reasons he still doesn't understand. His blokavenger reddit account also appears like it has been deleted but he never deleted it.

So, he will just let the authorities sort things out, being that the Dave & Buster's corporation has proven time and again that they will not rectify the situation or punish anyone involved with him being targeted for elimination at Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh.

Dave & Buster's corporate even prohibited Christopher Gray from calling them to state his case and prove his innocence. So, that should give you a little insight into how the Dave & Buster's corporation really conducts business.

The Most Dangerous Arcade In America  
A Security Checkpoint, Cover Charges, Shootings, Asian Gangsters, And Theft

Dave & Buster's Arcadia is one of the absolute most dangerous arcades in the United States, if not the world. We recently went through all of the yelp reviews for Dave & Buster's Arcadia and discovered that it is a facility in a total state of decay.

Due to a high prevalence of asian gangsters at Dave & Buster's Arcadia, it makes the location extremely dangerous. There was a shooting at Dave & Buster's Arcadia around 2007.

That incident caused Dave & Buster's Arcadia to force guests entering the facility during certain hours to pass through an identification check and massive security checkpoint, which is often staffed by sheriffs. Guests are also subjected to a bag & purse check, a pat down, and have to empty their pockets and often lift up their shirts before entering the compound during certain hours. But, even after the security was tightened, a man was shot dead at the Dave & Buster's Arcadia bar around 2010.

One thing that we find highly disturbing is that when the security checkpoint is up and running Dave & Buster's staff will not allow guests to bring in mace and actually encourage guests to hide their mace in the bushes in front of the store before entering and then later retrieve it, which is reckless and grossly irresponsible on Dave & Buster's Arcadia's part.

If mace was found in the bushes and discovered by a child that could lead to a potentially dangerous situation. So, Dave & Buster's Arcadia should install a mace deposit box or a mini locker system near the security checkpoint, so guests can store prohibited items before entering. Plus, the cheapskates at Dave & Buster's Arcadia could charge guests for temporarily storing their mace and other prohibited items, which would allow Dave & Buster's to line their pockets even more than they already do.

On top of all this, Dave & Buster's Arcadia charges a $3 cover charge to enter their facility after 10 P.M. on Friday and Saturday nights. When the customer pays the cover charge they are given a worthless non-rechargeable VIP powercard that has seven non-redempton chips on it, usually enough for only one swipe.

It can also take 20-30 minutes to find a parking spot at Dave & Buster's Arcadia too. If customers park in valet parking, it could take them just as long to park. So, there is little point to use the valet parking system there, because once guests go through the effort and hassle of parking valet, it could take them the same amount of time to park as usual.

A lot of the games at Dave & Buster's Arcadia are reportedly broken as well. According to many yelp users, the service at Dave & Buster's Arcadia is slow, the food is bad, and the drinks are weak. Management has also been reported to be extremely rude to guests. Guests may even fall victim to mistreatment by racist staff at Dave & Buster's Arcadia as well.

The bathrooms are often putrid and covered in puke and there is often no toilet paper in the ladies room during busy hours as well. Menus and booths may be filthy too.  Staff may even allow guests to smoke in the bathrooms with impunity, which violates California state law. We even read that a guest was tasered standing near Deal Or No Deal.

Tickets were even stolen from a guest at Dave & Buster's Arcadia and management staffed that day did nothing to rectify the situation with the customer while they were there. One manager even stated that guests can basically go around stealing tickets and there is nothing Dave & Buster's can do to stop them from doing that, which is a reprehensible thing for a Dave & Buster's manager to say.

We find it ironic that Dave & Buster's Arcadia subjects guests to a cover charge, pat down, and bag search, just to enter their facility to often play broken games, get bad service, and deal with mistreatment by staff, while also having to deal with asian gangsters and violence. Players that survive playing at Dave & Buster's Arcadia should consider themselves lucky.

In the end, Dave & Buster's Arcadia is one of the worst Dave & Buster's locations in existence and is a prime candidate for our Worst Arcade In America Award (2013). We advise people to think twice before considering traveling to Dave & Buster's Arcadia, especially considering that there are two other Dave & Buster's locations and a Game Works location nearby.

Dave & Buster's Arcadia isn't the only Dave & Buster's location in total disarray. If you travel to yelp you can view thousands of Dave & Buster's horror stories from disenfranchised players. All you need to do is log on to yelp, search for a particular Dave & Buster's location, then sort the reviews by reverse rating. A lot of horrible Dave & Buster's reviews can also be found on the tripadvisor website.

Below we have compiled our evidence against Dave & Buster's Arcadia and have broken it down into categories to make it easier to understand how wretched Dave & Buster's Arcadia truly is.

Broken Games
Cover Charges
Security Checkpoint
Extremely Dangerous Conditions
Horrible Customer Service
Terrible Food
Poor Sanitation
General Complaints

Discrimination At Dave & Buster's  
A Native American Man Was Discriminated Against By Dave & Buster's Staff

Players are harassed at Dave & Buster's locations across the country constantly. Usually, since there is rarely tangible proof that Dave & Buster's staff acted towards a guest in an extremely rude and abrasive manner, Dave & Buster's corporate rarely takes any punitive action against their staff. It is usually a he-said-she-said ordeal and corporate will almost always take their staff's side of the story for legal reasons and to protect the company.

A Native American man was recently discriminated against by Dave & Buster's staff at the Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach. When Rodney Ruiz tried to enter the facility Dave & Buster's staff would not allow him to enter. They simply stated that because he was wearing a bandanna he could not enter, which caused Mr. Ruiz to be embarrassed in front of his family and feel discriminated against. Dave & Buster's staff also stated their zero tolerance anti-bandanna policy was established by Dave & Buster's corporate.

Rodney Ruiz is not a gangbanger! He is a Native American man that was trying to go out to have a fun evening with his family. Instead, that fun evening turned into a nightmare, due to staff at Dave & Buster's Virginia Beach discriminating against Native Americans.

What's next? Will Dave & Buster's start prohibiting people wearing blue shirts from entering their facilities because they might, possibly, potentially, be affiliated with the crips?

Click HERE to view Rodney Ruiz's heartbreaking story.

The Greediest Player In The World  
One Player Brags About Being Single Handedly Responsible For The iPad Price Raise At D&B

Over the course of time players have probably heard stories of blokassassin and mewtwostruckback winning 200,000 tickets each week for six months straight at Dave & Buster's Pittsburgh playing Tippin' Bloks. In that situation they struck up an informal gentleman's agreement and decided not to get greedy.  

But, one player, Jerek Gonzales, has taken advantage player greed to a level never before seen. Dave & Buster's staff actually informed Jerek that he was single handedly responsible for the prize prices being increased at Dave & Buster's locations nationwide. Jerek even had the nerve to brag about it online.

Little did Jerek know at the time that his greedy and garrulous ways would come back to haunt him. We started examining all of the posts and claims that Jerek was making using his reddit hersheycookiescreme account. But, something didn't add up. Something seemed fishy. So, we did a little snooping around.  

It turns out that Jerek actually struck up a backroom deal with Dave & Buster's staff at his primary location and admitted to it using his hersheycookiescreme reddit account. That deal involved him purchasing most or all of his chips at his primary location. He would then win big at that location and only purchase his prizes at surrounding Dave & Buster's locations, by constantly roaming his powercards between locations. He was instructed to do that by Dave & Buster's management at his primary location to make their numbers look good.

But, that's not all. Jerek was also selling Dave & Buster's powercards and tokens on ebay using his jephs5 ebay account. In his ebay powercard listing descriptions for the tokens he was selling, he even went so far as to state that the Dave & Buster's tokens could be used at Chuck E. Cheese.

If Dave & Buster's tokens were used in that manner, that would violate policies at two different arcades at the same time. We can only assume that he was purchasing the tokens at Dave & Buster's on a half priced Wednesday and selling them on ebay at a markup. We can't see it any other way.

Selling powercards on ebay is totally against Dave & Buster's policy. We suspect it is prohibited because it makes tracking where tickets are being won extremely difficult, which can lead to corruption.

Jerek is so greedy that he even stated that if Dave & Buster's ever went ticketless he would have no problem winning 864,000+ tickets ($4,320+ worth in prizes) in a twelve hour day if that ever happened, because he plays one game every 25 seconds and averages over 500 tickets per game (In case people are ever wondering, we suspect this is the actual reason Dave & Buster's will probably never switch to a ticketless system nationwide. It is just too much of a liability.)

If Jerek continually played at that rate, theoretically, he could walk into a ticketless Dave & Buster's and, if he played 365 days a year, in that year he could win $1,576,800+ in prizes over the course of that year, so long as his game was not altered and he did not take any breaks.

Jerek was making comments on a reddit thread about redditors that make over $100,000 year and bragging about how he wins up to 4 iPad minis a day playing Skeeball. That is 340,000 tickets ($1,700 worth in prizes) in a day at the current iPad mini price rate. Jerek has no problem running two to three machines at once either. He also pulls extremely long all day shifts.

So, the next time you have to pay more for a prize, the next time you lament your game being tightened, and the next time you get angry at your game being broken think about Jerek Gonzales and all the tickets he is winning, all the while violating Dave & Buster's policies, striking up backroom deals, and sneaking around purchasing prizes in a deceptive manner to game the system.

When the staff at Dave & Buster's are slaving away, pulling a double shift, they should also think of Jerek Gonzales and how many tickets he is winning. They should think of Jerek winning $1,700 in prizes a day while they often have no health care. They should think about Jerek violating Dave & Buster's policies while they often get paid low wages. They should think about Jerek playing two to three games at once while they are often getting harassed, abused, and manipulated by other staff members.

If you are wondering how we know all of this it is quite simple. When we began suspecting something was amiss, we launched an investigation into Jerek Gonzales and examined all his hersheycookiescreme comments and posts. In one particular comment he linked to his youtube account named "jerek gonzales".

Then, we searched for "jerek gonzales" on Facebook and that led us to Jerek Gonzales, located in Torrance, California. Hersheycookiescreme stated he was from Torrance. He also created a reddit post stating that a buyer on ebay ripped him off in a transaction regarding his sale of 800 arcade tokens.

We searched ebay completed listings for "800 arcade tokens" and it led us to a seller, jephs5, located in Torrance, California. We reviewed the user's seller feedback and they sold a multitude of Dave & Buster's powercards and tokens on ebay. There is no doubt that the jephs5 ebay account is operated by Jerek Gonzales.

This all proves definitively that Jerek Gonzales violated Dave & Buster's policy. We actually left Dave & Buster's corporate a message explaining this situation months ago to give them adequate time to conduct an ebay sting, if they so desired. But, since Jerek Gonzales is still playing and was not punished by Dave & Buster's corporate, we had to take matters into our own hands.

The worst part for Jerek is probably trying to figure out how file his tax forms. Winning $100,000 a year as an advantage player would be a logistical tax nightmare, especially considering Jerek sells his iPad minis on craigslist. For his sake, we hope he kept good records and documented all of his craigslist transactions.

Jerek Gonzales wanted the limelight. He wanted all the attention. He even bragged about being single handedly responsible for the iPad price increase at Dave & Buster's. So, in the end, he should actually be thanking us for creating this story glamorizing his greedy ways, because he is Jerek Gonzales, the greediest player in the world!

Below is all of our evidence against Jerek Gonzales. It has been broken down into categories to make it easier to understand how Jerek Gonzales pulled off his schemes. 

The Backroom Deal
Excessive Greed
Location Evidence
Ebay Evidence

Many Arcades Have Turned To The Dark Side  
Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures - The Time Has Come To Bust Crooked Arcades

Arcades across the country have engaged in shenanigans and illegal business practices for far too long. Arcades have gotten away with this through neo-draconian anti-whistleblowing policies. Managers at Dave & Buster's say and do unspeakable things to guests and are rarely repremanded, because there is rarely any tangible proof of what they have done. But, what if players got out their cameras and starting busting arcade staff committing illegal acts and policy violations? 

Whistleblowers should no longer be silenced! All it takes is a photograph of a staff member snorting a line of cocaine off of a chipcard to get them fired! All it takes is a video of a broken game to get it fixed! All it takes is an audio recording of a staff member calling you a BLANK to get them fired!

All you need is your evidence and the perpetrator's full name and you should be golden.
What should you do with your evidence once you acquire it? Why put it on the arcade's Facebook page of course. Arcades, like Dave & Buster's, have a very popular Facebook page and whenever customers post anything incriminating or scandalous on there it is bad for business. 

Videos and photos can be directly attached to a Facebook post. Photos can be added to both Facebook posts and comments. If you ever want to attach a video to a Facebook post we suggest using the MP4 format.

If you upload your evidence to Facebook, at that point, Dave & Buster's corporate will probably be compelled to take action against the offending staff member. Because Dave & Buster's corporate will almost always take their crooked staff's word over yours, a comment or post alone usually isn't enough to get the job done. That is why you need the photo/video/audio evidence.

If you go the audio evidence route, the best way to turn that into usable Facebook evidence is by adding it to a video. On the screen you can just display a still frame photo that conveys the overall theme of the audio evidence, while the audio plays in the background.

If you don't want to go the Facebook route, you can just contact Arcade Revolution and we will do the rest. If you send us your evidence we will expose the perpetrators for you so that you don't have to deal with the political backlash associated with blowing the whistle on your local arcade. If staff at an arcade ever want to expose other crooked staff members at their location we will help them out too.

But, if anyone contacts us and doesn't want their name mentioned, they need to make sure to state that point blank or send their evidence to us anonymously so that it cannot be traced back to them.

You should never do anything illegal in an arcade. So, we must warn you to check your local laws governing the use of hidden recording devices in an arcade before ever recording any footage, as we don't want you to get in any trouble. Some authoritarian arcades may also try to ban you for trying to use a hidden camera to bust corruption. So, keep that in mind as well.

We should also mention that this is a last resort. But, sometimes, if you play at an extremely shady location, absolutely nothing that you say or do will get them to behave properly. So, desperate times call for desperate measures!

Click HERE to see some of the tools that could be used to take down and bust crooked arcade staff. Many of these types of hidden recording devices can be purchased on ebay for dirt cheap.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you can purchase the stealthcam app to secretly record video and take pictures too. If you go this route make sure to lower the brightness on your screen down as low it goes before using the stealthcam app in off-mode or just use it in internet-mode. You can also surreptitiously record audio by sticking your iOS device in your shirt pocket with the factory audio recording memo app on.

Being that players have all these tools at their disposal, Dave & Buster's staff should think twice before doing or saying anything shady. All it takes is a player taking a picture of them, a little photoshop memic wizardry, and a creative post to the Dave & Buster's Facebook page to possibly ruin their career.

Players don't come down to Dave & Buster's to be tormented and harassed. Players come there to have fun. That is the reason 99.99% of players go there. So, staff need to keep that in mind before being rude and disrespectful to guests. 

Tilt Refuses To Give Customers Prizes  
A Man Wins An Ipad On A Merchandiser Game And Only Gets A Bag Of Sand As His Prize

In case you did not know this, if you ever play a high value merchandiser, like the cut the string game Bus Cut, in many instances, where the prizes are left unattended, to prevent theft and damage to the prizes, the units do not actually stock real prizes. 

In these instances, the games stock empty boxes weighed down with sand bags and when the customer wins their prize, they will open the box to find no iPad. They will, instead, find a sand bag and a voucher with instructions on how to claim their prize. At that point the customer has to either call a phone number or go online to receive their prize, which they should receive in the mail at a later point after filling out the proper paperwork. 

On a Tilt merchandiser, one day a man spent around forty dollars playing Bus Cut and won his "iPad". When he opened the box, he discovered there was just a voucher and sand bag inside. He then went on the Tilt website and went through the proper procedures to receive his prize. But, Tilt would not give it to him. They stated that the game malfunctioned. 

Tilt has received numerous other complaints with the Better Business Bureau from customers making similar claims. In lieu of this, we have relegated Tilt to the rogue operator database and will be removing them from the Redemption Arcades In America Map when the next version is released. Click HERE to read the full story.

The Dave & Buster's Staff Spill The Beans   
Dave & Buster's Staff Dish The Dirt On What Working At Dave & Buster's Is Really Like

If you venture to you can see for yourself how Dave & Buster's staff are really treated. Recently, we went through all of the reviews of Dave & Buster's by their own staff and documented that evidence.

From unsafe kitchen conditions, to certain Dave & Buster's staff members putting other staff members on a "hit list", the conditions at Dave & Buster's are extremely perilous to employees.

From what we have unearthed, employees may be harassed, sexually harassed, or, even coerced into sleeping with management to advance up the ladder.

Click HERE to see what it is really like to work at Dave & Buster's.

Dave & Buster's Exposed On Facebook Again 
The Dave & Buster's Corporation's Darkest Secrets Exposed For All The World To See 

Christopher Gray has exposed the Dave & Buster's corporation on their Facebook page in the past. Recently, he unleashed another informative flurry of memes, posts, and comments aimed at shedding light on what really goes on at Dave & Buster's.

All of Mr. Gray's posts and comments were eventually blocked and removed from the official Dave & Buster's Facebook page. Not only were the comments and posts removed from the Dave & Buster's Facebook page but Dave & Buster's actually blocked Mr. Gray from posting anything else on their Facebook page to try to silence him. 

So far Mr. Gray has created five Facebook accounts to expose Dave & Buster's and they have all been blocked from posting on the Dave & Buster's Facebook page by the authoritarian Dave & Buster's information suppression team, a thought police style group of dictatorial henchmen that silences dissenters as they see fit.

Facebook Comments Part 1
Facebook Comments Part 2
Facebook Comments Part 3

Dave & Buster's Arcade Design Secrets Revealed  
Arcade & Casino Science Used At Dave & Buster's To Lure Their Customers Into Their Trap

Dave & Buster's has built an empire through the utilization of the little known subject of arcade science. Through out the course of building facilities in a multitude of geographic regions over the years they have developed techniques to keep customers playing longer and spending more money. They have essentially created a formula to trick the customers into thinking they have a better chance of winning than they actually do.

Arcade science is a combination of bar and casino science, with a few elements that make it unique. Many of the elements of arcades science have been discussed by Jon Taffer on the television show Bar Rescue. But, we have included our own observations on how arcades operate, based on hundred of hours of playing at Dave & Buster's and other arcades. 

From the height of the ceiling, to the prizes available at an arcade, arcades utilize a variety of design, prize selection, and game configuration techniques to make their customers feel like they can win big, when they rarely have a remote chance of winning big. If you think the design of an arcade is random, it is not. Everything is placed in a cold and calculated manner to extricate more money from their customers. Knowing the sciences in place, can allow you to avoid the pitfalls of previous generations of players.

Understand that when used properly arcade science can be used to allow advantage players to win big, arcades to make more money, and customers to have more fun. But, science can be used for good or for evil. Once Dave & Buster's started banning big winners and entrapping customers they crossed the line. In response, we have given away all of Dave & Buster's midway design secrets so that other honest and more responsible arcades can put that information to good use, providing their customers with a more high end and engaging guest experience.

Click HERE to view our arcade science diagram, which exposes highly guarded Dave & Buster's trade secrets. If you want to download the higher resolution version of our arcade science diagram, you can travel to our documents section.




The Top 13 Negative Dave & Buster's Facebook Posts  
Dave & Buster's Customers Revolt - Facebook Becomes Outlet For Customer Frustration

Christopher Gray recently posted a second batch of comments on the official Dave & Buster's Facebook page exposing the Dave & Buster's corporation for what they truly are, a bunch of con artists. But, Mr. Gray was not alone in voicing his dissent.

We discovered that most of the posts on the Dave & Buster's facebook page are either customers complaining or customers suggesting Dave & Buster's build a location in their home town. We found a treasure trove of evidence against the Dave & Buster's corporation by going through each and every Facebook post since the beginning of 2013.

There were so many distubing comments and posts that we actually decided to post all of the evidence we unearthed in our investigation. We had to break the posts down in to categories to make it easier to see how Dave & Buster's systematically rips off their customers in almost every way imaginable.

To maintain fairness we did not include any comments or posts made by Mr. Gray on the Dave & Buster's Facebook page in The Top 13 Negative Dave & Buster's Facebook Posts. The posts we examined were from January-August 2013.

You can click HERE to view our list of The Top 13 negative Dave & Buster's Facebook Posts of 2013.

Poor Game Performance
Acquisition of Information
Issues With Prizes
Horrible Customer Service 
Unfair Policies
Guest Services Inefficacy
Technical Difficulties
Slow Service
Poor Sanitation
Bad Food
General Complaints 







"Experience hath shewn,
that even under the best
forms of government those entrusted with power
have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted
it into tyranny."

-- Thomas Jefferson